Friday, April 8, 2011

Win v. Houston and a Birthday "Present"

As you've probably heard by now, Sporting KC beat Houston in their US Open Cup play-in game down in College Station, TX. CJ Sapong scored the game-winner in extra time and Eric Kronberg kept the clean sheet for 120 minutes. Kronberg said after practice today that the defense stayed organized pretty much the entire game and that made it easier on him. Thad @ The Backpost will probably have the interview posted before too long. I'd have more to say about the game if I'd been able to see it. Evidently, people on the east and west coast could see it, but not here in "flyover" country. This kinda sucks.

Most of today's post is going to involve practical joker Kei Kamara's latest victim. You've probably seen the pictures from his April Fool's joke on CJ Sapong (one of these days, the rookies will learn), but today's victim is goalkeeper Jon Kempin, Sporting KC's first Home Grown Player. Today is Kempin's 18th birthday, and Kamara thought he'd mess with the young pro. He had Thad interview him (and Thad had me get pics since he couldn't interview him with one camera and shoot pics with another)... Kempin was caught completely off guard.

So young... so unaware...

Uh, oh... Jon, look out!

Oooooo... too late...

Got him good...

All over...

Least it wasn't shaving cream... Sorry, Jon, I had to do it. Happy birthday anyway, pal. :D

That's all for now. See you soon.


  1. Great pictures! Too funny...a bunch of pranksters :)

  2. Yup... If Kei's not careful, he'll get his soon enough... :)