Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Few Thoughts...

Just a few thoughts right now after the 2-1 Sporting KC win at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park tonight... Should have pics later.

1) The team continues to play well. The unbeaten streak has reached 7 games (8, if you count the Open Cup win over New England). They've jumped from 9th all the way up to 6th, putting Chicago, New England and Toronto in the rear view mirror. They are now 3 points out of a playoff spot (top 3 qualify with 4th and 5th playing a play-in game), with 11 of the next 13 and 14 of our last 19 at home. The rough start to the season will be something to laugh at later if we can continue our good form at home and qualify for the playoffs.

2) The United States Soccer Federation needs to fire Bob Bradley. The team's performance over the last 6 or 7 matches has been inconsistent at best. Losing to Panama and Paraguay is inexcusable. I haven't watched tonight's game yet, but I have a feeling that when I do, I'm going to want to throw things at the television.

3) I will be referring to the leadership of MLS as asshats from now on. Why? Quite simply because they claim they want the sport to grow in this country, but they scheduled league games at the same time as national team games. If you want the sport to grow, don't make it compete against itself. You would think that would be a pretty simple concept to grasp, but that's what you get for thinking.

4) Omar Bravo seems to be coming into pretty good form. After his hernia injury, what he calls the first real injury of his career, he seems to be getting back to the form he had while at Chivas Guadalajara.

5) After the game, I asked a few people if what happened to the Galaxy today (starting keeper injured, backup gets sent off) had happened to us, who would be in net... I had a couple people say Kei Kamara (including Kei), but when I asked Jimmy Nielsen, he said Roger Espinoza. When I commented that a couple people had said Kei, he said he'd still rather have Roger. Personally, nothing against Roger, but I think I'd rather have Kei. He's taller and athletic (not that Roger's not athletic).

6) On Tuesday, Sporting KC needs to plow Chicago Fire PDL into the ground. Peter Vermes said after the game tonight that they team wants to win the tournament. If that's true, they need to destroy Chicago. Doing that will accomplish two things: 1) Send a message saying the team's serious about the Cup; 2) Continue the team's good form at home. The quarterfinal hosts have also been announced. If Sporting KC wins Tuesday, they will also host the quarterfinal match against the winner of the Columbus Crew-Richmond Kickers match, currently set for July 12th.

That's all for now. See you soon...

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