Wednesday, August 17, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Sporting KC picks up a big win, defeating Portland by the final of 3-1. Interesting stat from tonight's game: All three goals were scored by a birthday boy (Soony Saad) or someone on the eve of their birthday (Graham Zusi x2). Sporting KC is also now in 3rd place, 1 point behind 2nd place Philadelphia and 4 points behind Columbus for the top spot. It is not out of the question that KC could finish in first, but they have to keep playing well, like they did tonight, and get some help.

It was during the celebration of Graham Zusi's first goal when a "fan" did something incredibly stupid and potentially dangerous. Two people had taken the heads off of their Omar Bravo bobbleheads and threw them on the field. One kind of lobbed it softly in the general direction of the field, but one of them threw it like he was skipping a rock on the river. This hard plastic projectile hit Jimmy Nielsen in the head, making contact with his eyebrow and cheek, but thankfully not his eye. The two fans were identified on video and were both removed from the stadium. The one whose throw hit Jimmy will be facing felony battery charges. Someone from the Cauldron responded to one of my tweets on the matter by saying they should bring them down to the members stand and they could all have a little "chat."

I've got pics to put up, including Soony Saad celebrating his birthday in style, with a goal in his MLS debut, but I need to get to bed (I've got to work in the morning). And I had a coach give me crap again (not that I'm complaining). When I asked the Stadium Question, Portland coach John Spencer asked me if I had a big hat or I just had a really big head. I had my Sporting KC hat on backwards. :D

I'll have photos up later, I promise.

That's all for now... See you soon...

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