Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well, that sucked...

Sporting KC took only their 2nd loss in their last 18 MLS matches with a 3-2 defeat to FC Dallas. Questionable officiating (I would have said the same if SKC had won) marked the entirety of the match, most notably in the yellow cards to Teal Bunbury. Unfortunately, that is plural, and Teal will miss the game against Houston on September 10th. He was going to miss the Galaxy game anyway with his call-up to the national team.

I was not the only person in the post-game press conference who was reminded of the team's loss to Seattle. The team had a late lead, went down a man due to a red card, and gave up two goals in the dying minutes to lose the match. Manager Peter Vermes, however, gave credit to a very tired but resilient Dallas squad and said the team just simply didn't play well to close out the match.

Teal's red card was the team's 3rd in their last 5 matches.I still don't understand how he got the first yellow card, much less the 2nd. Vermes pretty much refused to address it, saying the team had been down this road too many times this season. I have a feeling that that was his way of not getting fined or suspended. I'll say it for him. This team got screwed with its pants on. That is not to take away from FC Dallas at all. They had an opportunity to get points from the match and they took advantage of it. However, before the absolutely horrible red card in the 76th minute, the team was putting tremendous pressure on FC Dallas keeper Kevin Hartman and the Dallas defense. Teal even hit the crossbar in the 56th minute with what would have been a top shelf goal if it had been even 6 inches lower and 6 inches to the right. Sporting KC did continue to put pressure on Dallas after the red card, but as Vermes said after the game, they did not do well with balls out on the wing, not getting close enough to deny service into the penalty area.

It was really a combination of the red card, Dallas playing well late and Sporting KC not putting the game away when they had the chance. I'm rambling now, I know, but I can't really help it. The team lost, which never puts me in a good mood, and I'm having difficulty importing photos off of my camera. I'm not sure why, but I'll just simply try to get photos done later.

That's all for now... See you soon...

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